Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lung Cancer - Diet

Lung cancer and diet.

(1) to enhance the nutrition: lung cancer patients with swallowing difficulties, should be the freedom to choose their food, in the treatment does not affect the situation, we should eat some protein, carbohydrate rich foods, such as lean meat, chicken, duck, rabbit, fish , shrimp, bean products, as well as cereals, not generally restrict food intake and ensure good nutrition for the operation and create good conditions. If the nutritional status of poor tolerance to the trauma of surgery, postoperative healing slow, vulnerable to surgery rehabilitation is extremely unfavorable. This requires preoperative improve the quality of meals.

(2) supply of food elements: lung cancer surgery in the first half of the patients, in addition to three meals a day, plus auxiliary elements to diet. Elements diet containing nutrients necessary for the human body, because nutrients can be fully meet the needs of the body, can not digest the top of absorption in the small intestine may be oral or possession of the feed. Elements of the meal can add protein nutrition, sufficient heat supply, promote muscle protein synthesis, in the heat supply shortage, branched-chain amino acids can also provide more heat. Many elements of the type of meal, the oral or tube feeding. Applications, from low concentrations, typically 5% of the concentration of gradual increases, in the absence of diarrhea, vomiting, and can be added to 10 to 20 per cent, if the oral should pay attention to drink slowly, drink too fast, as elements of the meal for high exudate, easy to produce diarrhea and vomiting. Attention should be paid to appropriate temperature, the cooler to prevent diarrhea caused. If the daily dose of 100 g elements of the meal, will increase 400 kcal calories, 16 grams of protein. At the same time increase the body immunity, able to tolerate surgery.

(3) diet after deployment: under condition after surgery to determine the diet, and some surgical patients can eat on the next day, but from a clean, light food, valuables, easy didest is the major because surgical trauma will be from the digestive system dysfunction, and in the food choices, not impatient for success.

From the most simple, if the gastrointestinal tract without adverse reaction, then the transition to a half-food, fresh Pu. In the week after surgery, with the exception of food clean, semi-flow, would add elements of the meal, in the supplementary nutrition. To be able to eat normally, to cancel elements of the meal. Both before and after surgery should eat fresh vegetables and fruits, Such as green, yellow, and red vegetables, mushrooms, black fungus, asparagus, lemon, red dates, and so on, because fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C, is the tumor suppressor substance, can block cancer cell formation. Do not eat or eat less irritating food, including fried foods. May often eat garlic, garlic contains compounds. Otherwise smoking and drinking alcohol. Adoption of a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, regular physical check-ups, timely diagnosis and treatment, will be able to prolong life.

For example recipes on the 1st of lung cancer (surgery recovery)
Breakfast: milk (fresh milk 250 g, 10 g sugar), a boiled eggs (eggs 50 grams), steamed bread (50 g flour), and vegetable mix (70 g celery, yuba 10 grams)
Desert: fruit (Pear 250 grams)

Lunch: rice (rice 100 grams), Rumo tofu (Rumo 100 g, 100 g tofu), green pepper shredded radish (200 g green pepper, shredded radish 50 grams) Jiacan: fresh fruit juice (200 g fresh Jushi ) Dinner: small watery gruel (millet 25 grams), Fagao (75 g flour), fried bean sprouts (bean sprouts 200 grams), steamed fish (carp 75 grams)

Only 40 grams of cooking oil.

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