Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 FREE Healthy Living Tips

10 FREE Healthy Living Tips

Your health is in your hands, take responsibility for it, learn as much as you can, live healthy by following these steps:

You have the power to choose. Knowledge is the key to choice. Accept responsibility for your health and well being, gain knowledge to live healthy.

Identify any individual allergies or intolerances you have to certain foods and or toxins. Convention food allergy testing (modified RAST) is done by testing for IgE antibodies. Conventional food sensitivity tests (can be done by ELISA) for IgE, IgG, and possibly IgM and IgA antibodies. Other natural testing involves NATE testing available here.

Healthy living means empowering yourself to make healthy lifestyle changes by reading life changing books (and/or listening to CDs/attending seminars).

Live healthy by minimising exposure to all avoidable toxins. The first and easiest place to start is to change your personal care by using a brand that contains no harmful ingredients.

Eat certified organic/bio dynamic, whole, properly constituted, unrefined, raw food as possible and maintain a healthily alkaline/acid balance. Try to eat at least 2 servings of fruit and 5 vegetables a day. Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and photonutirents. The building blocks of life. Green vegetables are extremely good for you. Chlorophyll present in green vegetables is a natural chelating agent which can help remove heavy metals from the body.

To expect good health you need to drink adequate amounts of filtered water. We recommend Wellness Water filters. Drink 6-8 glasses per day.

Start to exercise. Movement is key to a healthy life. Muscle mass to fat ratio, flexibility and strength are key markers in the aging process. How well do your rate in each of these categories? 30 minutes a day walking is a good start. Include stretching in your weekly routine and you will improve your flexibility. Activities like yoga and pilates are great for the body mind and soul. Weight training or resistance exercise is the best way to increase your muscle mass. If exercising is painful due to spinal or muscle imbalances see a qualified chiropractor, osteopath or physio. Sacro-occiptal technique therapy is great way to sort out any spinal misalignments.

Sleep is really important. Your body needs time to recover, heal and regenerate. Get adequate amounts of sleep to ensure your body has plenty of time to re-energise.

Ensure your body receives an optimum supply of nutrients. A hair mineral analysis is one form of measurement. A healthy body needs an optimum supply of nutrients. For extra support we recommend supplementing your diet with a practitioner brand antioxidant, colloidal mineral, and vitamin C, plus immune support like allimax. Eat plenty of omega 3 rich fish, the best types are the naturally oily fish.

Healthy living also means feeling healthy both physically and mentally - you can assist your mental state by maintaining a philosophical approach to life and engage in healthy activities that let you relax i.e. walking, yoga etc.

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