Thursday, October 22, 2009

U-Tag ICE, Dog Tag stores your emergency medical info

U-Tag ICE, a little dog tag that you can carry around or just attach it to your necklace. This little tag is useful during emergency as it stores your medical information.
U-Tag ICE, Dog Tag stores your emergency medical info
Lets say, you had a car crash, to be rushed into the hospital, you’re unconscious and you needed blood transfusion. There would be no one around who could tell your medical info, such as your blood group type etc. During the emergency, if you carried one of these little dog tags, then the doctors into rescue could then plug this USB dog tag into the computer and access your medical info.
The U-Tag ICE dog tag was initially designed for motorcyclist in mind but now it’s marketed towards anyone adventurous. It’s imprinted with the U-Tag logo and the word ICE which stands for “In Case of Emergency”. The little tag supports USB 1.1/2,0 standards and it can store 10 years or more of your medical data. And you can have the info stored on it in 7 languages. The tag is weather proof, enclosed in an aluminum alloy enclosure.
The dog tag military style costs you around $49.99. But if you’re not interested in this type, you can also get the card style for only $39.99

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