Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jogging Secrets Revealed

Jogging may be considered as a sports-oriented exercise for healthy people only. Today, I am going to tell you that jogging rejuvenates your brain and I recommend a very simple, easy, and fun jogging tips applicable to small schoolchildren to very old senior citizens as a health-building exercise.

Jogging is just like a miracle magic--drink well, eat well, chat and talk well, and run well. Jogging is generally considered to build leg muscles and burns excess fats. My answer is "Yes" for sports-oriented people, and "No" to common people.

Here is a type of jogging that I've learned from some traditional healers. It was tested scientifically by renowned doctors that can benefit people of all ages. An easy jogging is an important factor for common people to enjoy and continue doing it. This traditional form of jogging can reduce blood sugar, blood pressure, urine acidity, increase brain functions, and many other benefits that you can achieve.

What form of jogging is this? It is as simple as not using your "thigh muscles" when jogging.

If you do not use your thigh muscles, you can run as long and as far as you want. You won't get tired at all. Besides, lactic acid won't increase as you might think!

So how can you jog without using your thigh muscles? The answer...run slowly. Slow jogging is the ultimate answer! Jog for 4–5 kilometers or 3 miles per hour. Yes, it seems like walking but don't walk. Jogging at the speed of walking is the secret!

Jogging consumes about twice more energy than walking. It means that if you jog slowly for 20 minutes a day, you can burn as much as 6 kilograms or 13 pounds of fats.

Scientific analysis shows that slow jogging increases capillary blood vessels around the interior muscles. The increased size and vascularization of blood vessels would result in more oxygen and blood that are provided to the muscles. This means that you will be more capable of running in longer duration. Slow jogging can also burn sugar and fat efficiently.

Slow jogging reduces stress, so you won't get angry easily. Less stress improves brain functions. In fact, brain analysis shows that functions of the brain as well as its size are growing dramatically in less stressful environment. Yes, slow jogging can help prevent diseases of elderly people such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and of course, it helps increase the learning capability of young generations.

## Tips for Slow Jogging

* Square up.
* Slightly bend your head forward.
* Just press your foot forward.
* Smile and chat while jogging.
* Jog for about 10 minutes 3 times a day, or 30 minutes per day.

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