Thursday, October 22, 2009

Food for a nice smile and fresh breath

Cinnamon destroys oral bacteria, apple calcium and phosphorus prevent tooth decay, tea stops plaque.

It is known that too much sugar can damage oral health.However, there are foods that are good for teeth and gums as well. We bring the surprising list of foods and herbs that protect the teeth and reduce bad breath.


Sugar free yogurt reduces the number of bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum diseases. Studies done on volunteers who consumed a serving of yogurt each day for 6 months, have shown that their levels of hydrogen-sulphide, the main cause of bad breath, decreased by 80 percent. Their levels of dental plaque and gingivitis decreased as well.

Cheese, chicken and nuts

Cheese, chicken and nuts provide calcium and phosphorus. These elements are essential for re-storage of minerals in teeth and for rebuilding of acid damaged enamel. We all know that milk is good for teeth, and this is because milk provides calcium, which also promotes storage of minerals.


Tea, especially black, is extremely useful in fighting bacteria that causes plaque. Tea limits opportunities for enzyme that converts sugar in the adhesive layer that enables the development of plaque on teeth. It also prevents gathering of bacteria, which reduces the amount of plaque buildup. Research has shown that drinking tea helps in the prevention of common human diseases, caries and parodentoze.


Essential oil obtained from cinnamon can destroy the bacteria. Peppermint, rosemary and sage are popular for covering up bad breath, but cinnamon is the only one that really destroys the oral bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).

Good results are often achieved by chewing gum with cinnamon. The tests showed that they destroyed 50 percent of all oral bacteria, and 40 percent of those caused bad breath. Cinnamon tea has the same effect

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