Thursday, October 22, 2009

Philips goLITE shines you with blue light to fight Winter Blues

We need to be exposed to certain amount of lights a day in order to stay healthy and in good mood. For those who always keep themselves in darkness, having very low exposure to lights will lead to develop depressions like winter blues and cabin fever.
Philips goLITE shines you with blue light to fight Winter Blues
Exposure to lights here doesn’t mean you need to be exposed to sunlights directly. You can simply point a lamp at your face, that will give you certain amount of lights. But, it’s definitely not a pleasant feeling for having to point a lamp on your own face as it simply blinds you from seeing other things for a moment.
Now, thanks to Philips, which they’ve just released a handy gadget, called the goLITE, which emits soft and pleasant blue lights that our body needs. Our body responds best to certain wavelengths of light. The goLITE simply emits the suitable wavelengths that our body needs. It uses optimal frequency blue LEDs to deliver the most positive effect on the body.
The light from the goLITE is actually not weak, but it is okay to human eyes, which gives little bit of visual imprint when you glance away from it. It’s certainly much better than having a lamp shining on your face that most likely blinds you for a short while. The light emitted by goLITE will give you the feeling like sunshine in winter.
The device is also equipped with a back lit touchscreen which can be used to adjust the light intensity, set timer or alarm clock, and it can be used as a desktop clock when it’s not used to shine the blue light. There is also a magnetic stand on the back that keeps this unit up on your desk

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