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The Moon Sign & Health Problems

The Moon represents the more impressionist side and the inner feelings and emotions portraying us from within. It indicates how we express our nurturing instinct and the style of immediate emotional-feeling response to experiences.With an altogether mysterious side, Moon shows our hidden aspects.

The Moon goes through all the Zodiac within its 28 day cycle and enters a new zodiac sign approximately every 2 1/2 days. The position of the transiting moon (moon's current position) helps determine the general moods of people.

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Now let's have a look to health problems shown by the moon:

The body's ability to function is ruled by the moon. The biological material we inherit at birth is dealt with by the sun, but how well it all works is the moon's department. The sign the moon occupies at birth will always be important in health considerations and its aspects will tell us much about what can go wrong--and why. This is in addition to any information we can obtain through the study of the person's sixth house, of course.

As a general rule, it has greater influence over women and deals with the entire female reproductive function, pregnancy, nursing and menopause. It is the primary indicator of fertility and tells the astrologer whether the woman will bear children and about how many.


The fire signs are the least fertile. The moon in Leo is particularly apt to be slow to get pregnant. Afflicted, especially in the 5th house, it shows the woman unlikely to have children at all. The moon in Leo tends to produce one--possibly two children--but seldom more unless extremely well aspected.

The water signs of course are the most fertile. A water sun and moon combination can practically get pregnant by seeing a cute baby. Without birth control, any well-aspected moon can produce a full house. Earth signs are next most fertile. Air signs come in third.

In a man's chart, however, the moon points to the same areas of the body that it does in the female: the breasts, stomach and abdomen. It also has influence over the endocrine system in both sexes although it does not carry sole rulership in that area. Swelling and fluid retention belong to the moon, as well as sweating (too much or too little).

There is also another point to be mentioned. All moon positions partake of the cross - that is, all cardinal moons can produce any of the cardinal-type problems, all fixed moons can produce symptoms of any of the fixed signs and so also, the mutable signs. For instance, a Leo moon can have a Taurus throat problem as well as an Aquarian circulation difficulty or a Scorpio irritable bowel and the resultant diarrhea.

Health for each moon sign:

In Aries, the moon points to migraine headaches (usually caused by certain types of food intolerance) and sinus troubles. There can be difficulties with the mouth and tongue, and if the individual smokes or uses snuff, an afflicted Aries moon can produce very nasty results as well as a constant pain and a postnasal drip. There is usually lactose intolerance in the adult and if the moon is afflicted, the child may have to switch to soy milk or something of the kind. Fevers can be quite high. All types of dental problems and jaw infections come under Aries. They like to “psych themselves out of health problems” and create their own health. They believe in mind over matter.

Taurus is a good place for the moon and a well-aspected Taurus moon is usually quite healthy. Under stress, the throat and neck are problems. Mumps is a Taurus illness, as is strep throat (which, by the way, often produces kidney problems via Libra, the other Venus-ruled sign). The thyroid gland is here and goiter was a huge problem in the days before iodized salt. It still is in parts of the world where iodized salt is uncommon. All sore throats and difficulties with the esophagus and vocal cords come under

Taurus. Since singers and public speakers rely heavily on these organs, those with the moon in Taurus have learned to take good care of them. There is also a problem with ear aches (the Eustachian tube leads from throat to ear). Warmth of the throat is a big help in preventing problems. There can be arthritis in the neck, and blockages of veins (Venus ruled).

Gemini moons are prone to bronchitis and bursitis, colds, coughs and chronic runny noses. There can be pleurisy, inflammations of the pleura, the sac around the lungs, and emphysema. Gemini deals with the body’s ability to absorb oxygen and those with Gemini moons need plenty of fresh air, open windows and outdoor activity. They react sharply to air borne allergens and pollution of all kinds and can manifest Pisces-type weird symptoms if there is an unknown pollutant in the air. They shouldn’t be around smokers. Problems with the arms and shoulders all come under Gemini, as do problems with the hands, wrists and fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a Gemini problem.

The Cancer moon is never comfortable. Something is always upsetting their stomach or giving them palpitations or making them nervous. This is an extremely touchy position if afflicted at all. Good aspects settle it down considerably. It is prone to drinking, usually begun during a bout of “discomfort” of some type or other, but will suffer from it in the long run. The gall bladder is often a problem and hiatal hernias quite common. Heartburn should not be ignored. It is quick to ulcers and should avoid emotional distress, never eating when upset. Food can be a problem--too much, too little or the wrong kind. There is often sensitivity to “hot” foods, or acid foods or spicy foods. The breasts are a weak area and cysts and lumps may show up in both sexes. Many are unimportant but all should be checked.

The Leo moon is the connoisseur. This is the individual who wants to indulge in good food and wine and often has indigestion brought on by too much good living. There can be heart problems and high blood pressure brought about by insistence on having one’s own way. The sign tends to dramatize its symptoms, however, and loves to play sick when the person knows perfectly well he/she really is not. When there is a serious symptom, the person usually becomes frightened, shuts up and sees a doctor immediately. In women there are usually a number of female problems, and regular gynecological exams should be given. The back can be a big problem. This is one of the signs that spends a lot of money on chiropractors.

The Virgo moon is a walking invitation to an allergy party. Virgo can develop all the Gemini problems plus an array of allergies that boggles the mind. An afflicted Virgo moon can have trouble eating, breathing, or getting dressed. They can have difficulty with the carpet in the room, nylon stockings, or the plant on the window sill. A Virgo moon child should NEVER be forced to eat or use anything they object to. They will develop allergies at the drop of a hat and any emotional trauma will show up in some food sensitivity or hay fever or asthma. An afflicted Virgo moon is a mess. Getting them to talk about their problems helps and there is some evidence that counseling can alleviate allergy problems. Meanwhile, keep the anti-histamines handy. Virgo also deals with the body’s ability to absorb nutrition and problems such as Crone’s disease come under Virgo, as well as worms and appendicitis. They should avoid working with chemicals because of the hyper-sensitivity to them. Even the rubber gloves can be an irritant.

The moon in Libra brings difficulty in the kidneys, bladder and the ovaries in women. Many inflammations of the kidney can be traced to earlier strep infections of the throat (the Taurus connection to Venus) and any strep infection should be carefully watched for this reason. Sexually transmitted diseases that cause mild inflammations in the ovarian tubes and more difficult problems as well can show up, but those are usually in conjunction with a Mars affliction. Occasionally this produces so-called tubular pregnancies in women, but, again, there is usually a coordinating aspect from some other planet. Libra moons are sensitive to water-borne pollution and can absorb toxins or infectious agents quickly from swimming pools or hot tubs as well as skin-applied products, such as cosmetics. The skin requires cleanliness or boils and in-grown hairs can result, as well as infections of the skin. While skin infections are less common today, they still occur and can act like hives or produce open sores, as in impetigo and the like.

The Scorpio moon guarantees problems in the genital and/or rectal areas of both men and women. A common one is constipation, particularly on trips or in any situation which disrupts the normal pattern of elimination. This often contributes to hemorrhoids and flatulence, which are also common, as is the irritable bowel syndrome which produces diarrhea-like symptoms. It is usually caused by food or tension. This is the sign of prostate problems for men, pregnancy and delivery problems of all kinds for women. For women it can start with menstrual difficulties and go on to difficulty in intercourse, the so-called “tipped uterus” and every imaginable gynecological development in the books. Fertility is not usually a problem with this sign but cases in which seeming difficulty in launching a pregnancy is treated with fertility drugs can boomerang mightily, producing multiple births. In the male, impotence can appear, as can the reverse, priapism.

The Sagittarian moon often produces growths, cysts and tumors, thanks to the link to Jupiter. This sign has particular sympathy with the liver and the urge to “party” so typical of this position can bring on cirrhosis if there is a lifetime of such overindulgence. Jaundice will show up readily if other diseases stress the body and travel infections (malaria or rarer diseases) should not be overlooked. Where the chart indicates a long life, there will be difficulties in walking or hip problems in the later years. Hormonal disturbances that cause growth problems can show up here. Exercise will often cure all kinds of health problems and the tendency to gain weight. It is the first remedy that should be tried. Sometimes the last.

Capricorn moons show bone, teeth and skin problems will be emphasized. This is another sign that often produces lactose intolerance and the subsequent lack of adequate calcium can bring on a lifetime pattern of weak bones and constant breakages. Combinations of aspects can show where the breakages occur. This is the sign that deals the most with old age and often points to joint replacement as the bones lose their cushioning and begin to rub on one another. The teeth can be lost to decay, breakage or neglect and this is one of the signs that repays neglect furiously. Light sensitivity is found here, as well as clinical depression brought on by physical causes. It also deals with nails and ingrown toenails or nail deterioration can appear, as well as nail fungus.

The Aquarian moon is arthritis prone, as rigidity is usually a problem, and points to hardening of arteries as well as varicose veins (particularly in the legs) and circulatory difficulties. Both Leo and Aquarius deal with circulation and both signs choose warmer climates if possible, in old age. The Aquarius moon sometimes produces a wide array of strange symptoms when the individual is under severe stress. Simple routines and a regular amount of food and sleep are vital and can often produce remarkable improvement. Hair problems come under this sign and so do all neurological diseases and strange responses, such as a tic that won’t go away. This is the sign that used to cause children to be considered “high strung.” Fresh air-particularly breezes-are healthful.

The Pisces moon gets the foot problems. Carefully fitted shoes, frequent changes of socks to prevent excess moisture and prompt attention to complaints should be every parent’s concern for the child with a Pisces moon. A sliver in a toe can blow up into life-threatening blood poisoning. Athlete’s foot as well as gout come here. Diet helps gout, cleanliness and dryness prevent athlete’s foot. This sign deals with the endocrine system and diabetes can cause severe foot problems as well as other difficulties. This is another sign of sensitivity to allergens and something like poison ivy can be a constant trouble if the individual is not careful.

Let me add several more caveats to this list. When one attempts to list a few of the health concerns of any sign, it is with the understanding that the moon does not operate alone in the birth pattern. The sun sign can greatly modify or re-direct ailments and the sixth house is extremely significant for all of us. In addition, there is the reciprocity found between signs of the same quadruplicity.

Take a detached retina, for instance. One would expect it to show up with an Aries moon, an Aries sun, or perhaps an affliction from the sign Aries. In fact, it can show up in any cardinal area because all of the cardinal signs resonate to each other and opposites can attract problems as well as lovers. Hence, we might have a Libra with such an Aries problem and an Aries with a kidney stone.

Judgment of any chart is a blending of the various elements. The moon is only one element, though a vital and important one.

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