Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lung cancer - Common Sign & Symtoms

Common lung cancer sig and symptoms


1. Cough
The most common initial symptoms. Due to tumor size, location can be different for the performance of dry cough, cough RUF, with the sound of wheezing cough and cough with metal sound.

2. Expectoration
About 15% since the beginning of expectoration, mostly white sputum. Vascularized tumor rupture, sputum, hemoptysis sustainable, but also for intermittent. 25 ~ 40% of patients with lung cancer hemoptysis.

3. Chest pain
Early to chest discomfort. When tumors involving the chest wall could lead to a sustained, intense chest pain.

4. Wheeze
Some obstruction due to bronchial asthma, making breathing sound.

5. Shortness of breath
Common bronchial spasm, obstruction, pulmonary infection, pulmonary diseases such as pleural effusion or different degrees of shortness of breath.

6. Fever
Because of bronchial obstruction, stasis secretions caused varying degrees of inflammation.


1. Hoarseness
When the tumor can cause violations of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, dumb pronunciation, speaking in a "whisper-like."

2. Facial swelling
Tumor suppression on the inferior vena cava, causing facial swelling, skin Purpurin, dizziness, vertigo, stuffy nose and other symptoms increase when supine. Another upper extremity, neck swelling often occurred.

3. supraclavicular lymph nodes: in the supraclavicular fossa visible enlarged lymph nodes, advanced mass can be formed.

4. Dysphagia
To mediastinal lymph node metastasis of lung cancer, esophageal oppression from eating difficulties.

5. Clubbed fingers, toes and lung Osteoarthropathy
Patients with lung cancer can occur clubbed fingers and toes of. Some patients showed early migration of large joints deep burning sensation.

6. The transfer of lung cancer caused by other symptoms
Transfer to the brain can cause headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and hemiplegia; bone metastasis, such as bone pain caused.

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