Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lung Cance - Early symtoms (Must Read)

Implicit gradually lung cancer, and its early symptoms not much, and some people even without detectable, but only occasionally found in the physical examination. Once a significant symptom, often already close to the late, when treatment has been very difficult, and patients with high mortality rates. So for lung cancer, in your its diagnosis and treatment.

Following the early symptoms and signs of early diagnosis of lung cancer have some help:

1. A dry cough, choking over two weeks, and the anti-inflammatory treatment ineffective, or the original nature of chronic cough suddenly change;

2. Bloody sputum and sudden chest pain is just unbearable, and no obvious reasons to explain;

3. Lung auscultation, there are limitations Wheezing audition Diyin, Han and the sound does not change because of coughing;

4. Repeated a place in the lung inflammatory changes;

5. And we can not explain the limitations of the general tracheitis Feiwenli increase or limitations emphysema;

6. Long-term smoker, change cough, sputum and blood.

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