Sunday, June 7, 2009

Robotic snake surgeon tinkers with your heart via your mouth

heart-snake-2.jpgScientists are hard at work making heart surgery less invasive and safer. That's good news. They're doing it by making a robotic snake that can go into your mouth and tinker in your heart from there. That's terrifying! But also, I guess, great?

The CardioArm is a jointed robot that "allow[s] you to control its head while the rest of its joints follow exactly where the head has been to avoid any accidental internal injuries." It's really scary sounding and looking, but you know what? If it'll make surgery safer and maybe even cheaper, I'm all for it. It should also make recovery time much shorter, what without them needing to crack your ribs open. You know what? Bring on the scary robot snake surgeons. I'm ready for em.

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