Monday, June 8, 2009

Adjustable breast implants give patients post-surgery options


Body augmentation and modification is at the forefront of style and tech right now, but sometimes women are not entirely happy with the results of breast augmentation surgery. That's where these adjustable breast implants can be a godsend, letting a doctor adjust breast size after surgery.

After the implants are inserted in a surgical procedure, there's a port that's left exposed, allowing the doctor to either add to or subtract from the amount of saline solution inside the implant. The woman can stand in front of a mirror, observing the effects of the surgery with clothes on. Then when she finds the size she likes, the surgeon can easily make the adjustments either immediately or gradually over a period of weeks.

It's a shame this adjustable breast size mechanism isn't quickly adjustable by the patient, allowing her to reduce breast size for office situations or at the gym, and then turn up the heat when it's party time. Maybe that's next on the agenda of those who design such things

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