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Uncontrollable hair loss can greatly affect the beauty of a woman, and often leads to depression. In the struggle for the restoration of luxurious hair, various complexes of expensive shampoos and conditioners, but, unfortunately, not all of them bring the expected results. Greater efficiency and lower cost has hair mask with mustard , its effectiveness is proved by time, which in itself is the basic guarantee of a positive solution to the problem.

Useful properties of mustard

Positive results regrowth of hair when using mustard powder is achieved by the unique properties of this spice. Mustard has irritating, bactericidal and antimicrobial properties, when applied to the scalp causes burning and stimulation of the hair follicles. Under the influence of regularly applied to different hair masks, entered into their composition mustard powder, stimulates blood circulation area of ​​hair growth that has beneficial effects on nutrition and metabolism. Medical mustard for external use practically does not cause allergic reactions, is shown for use at any age, the only drawback is a slight burning sensation, but after a few treatments to get used to it and do not feel discomfort.
Introduced in the mask mustard powder not only improves hair growth, but also simultaneously eliminates dandruff and helps to regenerate skin structure after suffering seborrheic dermatitis and other skin diseases. Spice powder is effective even with alopecia areata, which arose in response to stressful events or unfavorable environmental conditions.
Hair fall out - what to do ? This is the main question patients of the doctor - trichologist, dealing with the problem of hair loss and all the pathological conditions associated with the scalp. Naturally, in order to answer this question, the physician should perform a full diagnosis of the organism, because the cause may be some long-lasting disease of the internal organs.After examination triholog prescriber physiotherapy, recommends medicinal shampoos and conditioners. The use of mustard, even in the most difficult cases, do no harm, so abandon the simple and cheap recipes for finance is not necessary.

Recipes hair masks with mustard powder and other ingredients

The composition of medicinal compounds for hair besides burning powder may be administered to food, most of which have each family. It is necessary to take into account only that none of the most proven tool will not help, if you use it from time to time. At the beginning of the use of masks is recommended to use it before every water treatments for the head, when the positive effect of cooked mixture is used once every two - three weeks. Mask for hair growth mustard mainly prepared with herbal or medicated oils, milk products, honey, eggs, i.e. with all natural, harmless and maximum healthful ingredients.
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  • Recipe of the first and most simple mask to stimulate the hair follicle. Need to take 2 tablespoons of powder and diluted with warm water, stir thoroughly until mushy state. To the resulting mixture is two tablespoons of olive, peach or burdock oil, and one pre-whipped, the yolk of an egg (preferably take the egg from the domestic chicken - it has more useful trace elements). All components are mixed and applied to the head, at the end of the exposure time are washed with natural shampoo.
  • What if the hair fall out , having improved dry? For such hair fits the following stimulating hair growth recipe based on burning spices. Teaspoon fresh mustard powder mixed with the same amount of olive oil, mayonnaise and softened butter. The mixture is applied to the skin and hair, his head is insulated and need to go so about 40 minutes.
  • Stimulating the growth of medicinal composition for the hair. Squeeze out the juice of garlic and onions, take a teaspoon of each liquid, mixed with the same amount of oil of olives and dry mustard. Stir all need a wooden spatula, if the mixture is too thick, then it was diluted with warm water until thick cream. The mask is applied to the hair, it is necessary to consider that onions and garlic cause even more burning, so that the composition of color need to hold out for at least 15 minutes.
  • Mixture based hair mustard and yogurt. Spoon mustard diluted with warm yogurt, then introduced the whipped egg yolk from the egg, a teaspoon of honey, almond oil and a few drops of rosemary. The resulting composition can also be applied to the hair over the entire length. The mixture was kept on the head by warming cap for about 40 minutes and wash off using shampoos. After such a mask, not only reduces hair breakage, but also improves their structure - they become shiny and smooth.
  • Mask based on the pharmacy clay and mustard powder is suitable for those who suffer from excess fat shine.Spoon blue clay mixed with mustard (it should take less than half), with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one beaten egg. In the stirred slurry was added 2 more tablespoons of vinegar and spoon of tincture of arnica. The resulting mixture was applied to the hair for about one hour and rinsed.
  • Improves growth, blood supply and nutrition bulbs independently prepared yeast mixture. Take warm yogurt in the amount of one spoon, it is added sugar, container ingredients wrapped up and put in a warm place. After fermentation, the mixture is introduced into a tablespoon of honey and a spoonful of dry mustard powder, with a mask on her head is recommended to go up to one and a half hours.

Key recommendations when using masks with mustard

Hair masks with mustard will bring the most benefit if you follow these guidelines:
  • For the preparation of medicinal mixtures take only dry mustard powder, store spices in tubes will not bring the expected benefits.
  • Dry mustard powder is diluted with warm water only. Hot water of mineral trace elements annihilates.
  • When applying the mask to protect the eyes, getting funds to the conjunctiva cause irritation. If all precautions were components of the mixture on the mucous membranes, it is necessary to rinse them under running water.
  • By the time the mask is kept to 15 or more minutes. In the first application of a burning sensation will be strong enough, so the exposure time is increased gradually.
  • Enhance the growth of hair with mustard is possible only with the regular use of it - using prepared mixes once a month, significant advances can not see.
  • If you plan to use a mask every other day, it is possible to store a prepared mixture in the refrigerator, but not more than a week.
Regular pampering your hair and scalp helpful masks with natural mustard can achieve stunning and visible results.

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