Sunday, June 7, 2009

Interactive textiles helps improve muscle memory


A scientist from CSIRO Textile and Fiber technologies has developed a new arm contraption that will help athletes "get in the groove" as they describe, or improve muscle memory. The system is integrated into a sleeve, similar to those kinds of sleeves worn by basketball players. Integrated into the sleeve is a series of sensors and triggers. It will play a series of beats as you make the shot or throw or whatever type of athletic motion. If you make the motion correctly the series of beats will play a recognizable pattern. The beats will then help you determine if you are making the correct motion and encourages repeating the said motion.

What makes me curious is would these type of devices be legal to use in-game? Many basketball players already use sleeves of different types and shapes, so would it be any different using these high-tech types of sleeves? Of course it would be, but I don't know how much it would improve performance in-game. Forget about steroids, there is technology to worry about in-game!

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