Saturday, April 2, 2011

>Effects of Smoking - Another Alternative to Smoking Tobacco

>Why Smoke E-Cigarettes?

I do not smoke nor have I ever smoked. I lost my mother to cigarettes recently. She was my best friend. I miss her every day. I tried desperately many times to get her to quit. She would try, but to no avail. She tried everything, from nicotine patches to hypnosis. Nothing worked. I wish that they would have come up with E-cigarettes earlier because I think if she would have had access to a product like this she might have been able to quit or at least lessen the devastating effects of smoking real cigarettes.

There are so many devastating effects of smoking. One of which is an addiction to smoking.

When people talk about addiction to smoking, the addiction most commonly discussed is the addiction to the nicotine. Nicotine is one of the most addictive chemicals in the country today. In fact, nicotine has been proven to be more addictive than heroine, cocaine, or alcohol. It is not more harmful, but it is definitely more addictive in nature than any other chemical.

However, the act of smoking itself is also an addiction of its own. No one wants to be controlled by another individual, but when you smoke you are letting an object (the object of smoking a cigarette) control you. Smoking becomes a habit. A habit is like an addiction and very hard to break.

When you smoke, your hands are used to holding something all the time and your mouth is used to being active holding a cigarette.
When you try to quit, you not only have to fight your addiction to nicotine, but also you need to fight the addiction to the act of smoking.

This was another very hard thing my mother could not give up. The E-cigarette looks and feels like a real tobacco cigarette. With the use of this product, I believe that it would have satisfied that part of the addiction and she would have had a better chance of succeeding in quitting.

If you have to smoke, try E-cigarettes. If you cannot quit altogether, which is the best thing to do. At least you will limit your exposure to all the devastating effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes and satisfy your craving for nicotine and the actual act of smoking. The benefits of smoking E-cigarettes far outweighs the devastating effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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