Saturday, September 20, 2014

Folk remedies for hair loss

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problem of hair loss, unfortunately, is known to many. Various clinics Trichology help deal with this problem. A variety of procedures, tests and drugs. But it's worth a lot of fun. What about those who can not afford such treatment. The answer is - a popular hair loss treatment first and well-known recipe - massaging head oil tincture of pepper for an hour. Due to a warming properties, there is a rush of blood to the follicles and as a result - the hair healthier and even the growth of new notes. second recipe: In 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dry mustard need to add warm water until the consistency of sour cream, 1 st -2. L. vegetable oil (preferably burdock, castor, almond) but can be any: sunflower, olive 1 h. L of sugar 1 egg yolk Further, for 1 hour to wrap up a head wrap. Will be a little oven, but tolerable.Thereafter, even shampoo is not needed. Super agent. third recipe: After shampooing, rinse the head with beer mixed with warm water in the 1: 1. And in order to be sure that you are getting, the best hair care, Diversify beer "diet", or rather to complement it. Slightly spreading beer egg yolk, you'll get incredible effective mask for hair. But if you prepare a "tropical balm", your girlfriend just "die" with envy, because your curls are downright shine with health and strength! To make this miraculous balm, you need to take the yolk, a little beer, orange juice, pulp half of apples and bananas. Beat it all in a blender and evenly to clean and wet hair, gently massaging the scalp. Next, you need to wrap head with a towel and wait 20 minutes, then gently wash and comb. Well, in order to become the hair smooth and shiny, stronger, grow faster, you can add to the beer finely chopped onion or fresh onion juice. In general, as you can see, the best hair care possible, even when using the most common tools that are in every home!
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