Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eye Care - Pinhole glasses take care your eyes

The fast development of technology provide better life to human being. People can do almost everything by using the computer an internet. And this is the reason people nowaday always talk about eye care.

Pinholes glasses are another new revolution and a substitute of normal eyeglass. It is an opaque disc dotted that was inserted to an eyeglass frame. It was created to helps people who suffered refractive eye disorders, especially for computer users and old peoples. The device looks exactly like a sunglasses but the function is more than just a sunglasses. It can help to prevent double vision, sensitivity to light or known as photophobia, and also cataracts. It will help to improve our focused so that we can see clearly. Because it has pinholes, the focused will only concentrate into that particular hole. As a result, your focus will be much better, compare if you wear a prescription eyeglasses. Pinhole glasses are better to wear because of its design, light and also people need not to change its glasses regularly. Remember, your prescription glasses will get spoil if there’s any single mark on it, thus will affect your vision as well. But, it may not happen with pinhole eyeglasses.

Pinhole glasses also do not have glass lenses; it’s totally based on the pinhole. So, it may not affect your vision at all, if there’s a scratch on your glasses. You can use it a lifetime. However, there’s also a disadvantage wearing pinhole glasses. Some says that it can create a hazard and not allowing you to get clear vision if use by people who suffer from myopia and hyperopia. This is because it only can be used for people who suffer both symptoms at certain degree only. In other word, not all people who suffer myopia and hyperopia can expect a good result.

For those operating machine, heavy duty equipment and for a driver, you can’t wear pinhole glasses since it will reduce the amount of peripheral vision and it is dangerous whereby you can’t see clearly and might ending with an accident.
Even there’s a positive and negative points of wearing pinhole eyeglasses, but still as a consumers, we deserve to seek a consultation and advice from an optometric. Pinholes glasses not for all kind of people, but for some of us, it’s much better than wearing prescription eyeglasses

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