Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pills for Weight Loss

Apart from limiting and cutting out the amount of food, taking supplement or pills is also normal among those who want to lose weight. Instead of taking low fat food, surgical method is also recommended for weight loss. Weight Loss Pills are examples of aids which can be used for weight loss. Weight Loss Pills are also known as anti-obesity drugs. The weight loss pills or drugs will decrease appetite and it will also boost your energy to do more physical activity. The pills will also increase the metabolism in the body and at the same time lose your weight.

Anorectics or Anorexicgenics is one of weight loss pills. The pills are used to control obesity and at the same time it plays as an appetite suppressant. Another appetite suppressant is the synthetic drug which is amphetamine. Amphetamine will decrease your desire to eat. You will not have the desire to eat when you encounter various types of food. You will not feel starve and hungry when you see food as soon as you have taken the pills. An anti-obesity drug which is known as Fen-Phen is another instance of weight loss pills. Fen-Phen includes two types of drugs which are Fenfluramine and Phentermine.

The dry climate plant or also known as ephedra is a plant which is included in the medication of weight loss. It used to be popular in the content of weight loss pills. However, the usage of ephedra has been banned since it is hazardous for human’s health. Athletes are forbidden to take ephedrine which will enhance the performance in sports. Ephedrine is another kind of weight loss medication. Cocaine is another instance of weight loss pills. Apart from suppressing appetite, the central nervous system will also be stimulated by taking cocaine. Thus, choose the right and harmless weight loss pills in order to lose your weight.

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