Thursday, April 30, 2009

Want to Lose Weight? Do Yoga!

Yoga combines the most essential aspects of health in life. The aspects are known as obesity which includes mental, physical, and emotional. Doing Yoga will enable a person to free and relax his mind. Peace floods the mind after doing Yoga. Since Yoga is a part of exercise which requires meditation, the brain and mind will be free and refreshed. The mind will be controlled from practicing wrong eating habits. The person will be able to control himself to do the smart ways in order to lose weight. Hence, Yoga is undeniably one of the most effective ways in weight loss process. Apart from doing exercise, a person can do Yoga to lose his weight.

There are few steps or techniques of Yoga which can be practiced to lose weight. The steps are divided into four techniques and the position of body varies from each steps. Each step has its effect to every body parts. The techniques are Asanas, Sun Salutations, and Pranayama. According to Asanas technique, fat will be eliminated through forward bending, twisting, and backward bending. The excess of fat near thigh, butt, and abdomen will be eliminated by bending and twisting the parts of the body. In order to eliminate fat near legs and arms, the recommended techniques are tree pose, hero pose, and swinging lotus pose.

On the other hand, Pranayama helps in fat reduction. For those who have the problem of obesity, they can practice Kapalbhati, Bhasrika, and fast breathing. Fat will be burned and eliminated by doing this technique. The technique will also help the lung to function properly. In addition, Sun Salutations will also enable people to lose weight. At a speed of four rounds in a minute, sun salutations combine two types of exercise which are asanas and regular exercise. Sun Salutations is advantageous for the body, since it will help the lungs to function appropriately. It will also relax the mind through the mantras which are being enchanted by the person.

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