Saturday, June 6, 2009

GlideCycle: fun bike for the disabled

glidecycle.jpegMost of us take the ability to run or ride a bike for granted. Sadly, for some folks, running and cycling are just dreams. However, the GlideCycle might make those dreams a reality.

Developed in Oregon, the GlideCycle can be powered with just one leg, or two disabled legs. Perfect for overweight individuals, disabled folks, amputees, or even injured able-bodied people, the no-impact GlideCycle lets folks exercise outdoors with ease. One user has said that unlike wheelchairs or handcycles, the GlideCycle keeps him higher off the ground, up with the regular runners and cyclists, exercising his good leg. He almost forgets he's an amputee when using the GlideCycle. That's a pretty powerful endorsement.

The PT Pro model is priced at $1,649. A consumer version of the product will be available over the summer, price unknown at this time.

At first glance, I had to wonder how stable it would be to operate with one leg. But, I realized that I cycle with my feet clipped into the pedals of my bicycle, and typically only unclip one foot when stopping and starting. The GlideCycle is similar to that, although starting up with only one leg and turning takes some practice.

Check out the video when you click Continue to see the GlideCycle in action with disabled and able-bodied folks. Looks like fun for everybody.

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