Saturday, June 6, 2009

GlowCap tells you when it's time to medicate

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Tired of your spouse or your parents nagging you to take your meds? Why not let the med bottle nag you instead?

It's called the GlowCap, made by Vitality. The cap fits any standard 20-dram pill vial (it comes with its own case in case your pharm isn't exactly regulation), and has a built-in 900 MHz radio (like a cordless phone) that connects you to the net via its own little network. You just go to a Web page to tell the cap how often you need to pop your pills.
When the time comes to medicate, the cap starts to blink, slowly at first then more rapidly. If you don't get the hint, the cap rings like a cellphone, softly first then gradually louder. If you've got the music turned up to 11, the cap can actually call you on the phone. Failing that, it becomes the pill bottle Terminator - it hunts you down, pries open your mouth and rams a pill down your lazy-ass throat.

Okay, maybe not that last one. But it will also remind you when you need a refill. It runs on a couple of button batteries that'll last around six months.

You can buy a single GlowCap on Amazon for $30, but Vitality hopes that the big pharms will buy 'em and just replace the usual child-proof caps with them when you get your prescription filled. The theory is, you take your meds regularly you have to buy more meds, and the pharm makes its money back on the caps before you can say Rush "OxyContin" Limbaugh.

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