Sunday, June 7, 2009

Insulair is a stylish breath of relief for diabetics

Insulair-inhaler-for-diabetics.jpgDesigned by Bang & Olufsen Medicom, the Insulair's attractive design may just save you or your kids from a few beatings out in the schoolyard. Inhalers for diabetics such as the Insulair represent a newer way to treat the syndrome. It also overcomes an inherent problem with inhalers, especially for diabetics: the often unequal amount of medicine delivered with each spray.

The Insulair integrates technology that helps users make sure they are getting the dose they need, as it uses measured blasts of medicine that are easy to keep track of thanks to a meter. It also has a distinct shape, so you won't get it mixed up if you use other inhalers.

Bang & Olufsen has two versions of the Insulair at the moment: a disposable unit with a mechanical counter, and a fancier, reusable digital inhaler which could also display instructions and medical warnings.

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