Thursday, October 22, 2009

NANO BREATH cell phone checks breath for diseases

Bad gases such as CO2, NOx and ammonia (NH3) will come out of your mouth, if you’re one who carries some diseases. If you’re a health-conscious geek, you may like the idea of having a cellphone to check your breath for diseases as well as checking others’ breath before the diseases transmitted to you.
NANO BREATH cell phone checks breath for diseases
Applied Nanodetectors Ltd. (AND) is currently working on a prototype of a cell phone that can detect bad gases and from that on it can tell whether you’re a carrier of any diseases.
This cell phone simply checks the breath of the users to detect those gases. The phone has a chip that is integrated with various sensors that are sensitive enough to detect bad gases in the bad breath. It just takes minutes for the cell phone to trace the mentioned gases.
Once those gases detected, the chip will start analyzing the composition of the user’s breath, working out the density of each gas. The results will be compared against characteristics of various diseases to check out the possibility of one suffering from certain type of disease.
The cell phone is currently still in its prototype stage, AND is currently preparing it for the International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference. This breath-checking cell phone is likely to take more years to come into the market. It shall be a handy one to keep you away from those diseases, and you can always check people around while you’re on the go.

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