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Choose a shampoo for hair has become as difficult as fragrance, new brands, formulas, promises. Here is the answers of experts the most important questions about shampoos. 
Q1: What is the salon shampoos are different from "normal"? 
It is generally accepted that the professional cosmetics better and more efficient - that's why my dear. Therefore, some brands are positioning their funds as "beauty in your house." Yes, these products are likely better neighbors over the counter, but to compare them with professional shampoos correctly. Last sold only in beauty salons and contain active ingredients in higher concentrations compared to the funds that you can buy in the supermarket next to the house. Classification of "normal" shampoo is very simple - "For fine to normal hair", "For dry and brittle", "For colored" and so on. With professional products more difficult: you need to consider when choosing how polluted and damaged hair, what is the condition of the scalp, which type it belongs to. That is why pick such shampoos should be a specialist, and not you yourself. 
2 What is dry shampoo? Not bad if I use them? 
Today dry shampoo - an exotic product. And once was quite traditional. In unheated areas, the shortage of hot water, our grandmother found a way to be beautiful: Sprinkle flour, which absorbs dirt and dust, and then comb the curls. In some Asian countries, the hair is still "clean" powder: spilling into the hair, massaged, and then combed it. Although useful this procedure can not be called: abrasive particles injure the cuticle and skin. Modern dry shampoos also contain flour, usually - rice powder. But the shape is much more convenient - spray. This type of shampoo can be invaluable if you can not wet the scalp medically - a serious cold or dermatological diseases, and, of course, when have no time to give himself up. Dry shampoo - it's an ambulance, not a means of daily hygiene. 
3 Should be in the shampoo sodium lauryl sulfate? Do I need to have carefully examined the composition and torment consultants? 
The main task of shampoo - rinse your hair and scalp. The fluffy foam facilitates this process. That is why the recipe and added surfactants - without them would be a product smeared hair cream. The simplest and most effective additive - sodium lauryl sulfate (in Russian sounds correctly: sodium lauryl sulphate). But it has drawbacks: the substance creates an alkaline environment, and therefore causes mikroozhogi skin (pH is slightly acidic) and can provoke allergies. Suffer them - look at the composition of lauretsulfonat sodium (sodium laureth sulfate), it acts much softer. Some fear lauryl because it is made from oil. And a very good reason. After all, oil (rock, or shale oil) was used as an external remedy when you're in the world was not, and isolated from her ihtiola still added to skin care products. To refuse funds from lauryl possible for another reason - if you are concerned about the future of the planet, because oil reserves on earth once over. 
4 On the Internet, write the wonders of shampoo for horses. Lie, perhaps? 
Open open secret: the production of veterinary drugs requires much less approvals and permits than the release of cosmetics. Small, limited in finance company may simply not have enough available funds to certify the production of the "human" shampoo - that was released under the name of his horse. On the other hand, who knows, that contains a particular shampoo for animals. After all veterinary medicines do not really subject to strict control - better not to experiment. 
5 It's silly, but still - how to properly wash your hair with shampoo? 
First, moisten thoroughly with warm water strands. Then squeeze a little (with walnuts, if you have medium-length hair) shampoo and vzbey it with water in the foam. Apply it on the hair, keeping the direction of the roots to the ends. You can easily massage the head. Normal shampoo wash off immediately, medical leave for the time specified in the instructions. In any case do not twist the hair, that bear the shampoo - while washing they are most vulnerable. 
6 How do shampoos for hair loss? They generally work? 
Supplements that prevent Reden hair, divided into two groups. Irritants (eg, hot pepper extract), which stimulate the blood circulation of hair follicles and nourishing hair supplying the substances which they may lack. For nutritional supplements include a hop extract, burdock, onion skin, sea buckthorn. Well, if it is composed of more iron and magnesium salts. And of course - panthenol. Although the name of this vitamin and is derived from the Greek "pantentos," that is ubiquitous, it is a deficiency affects the density of your curls. Important: Active Shampoo should not be used alone. Typically, hair loss - is a consequence of a disease, and not always exotic. The same bacteria overgrowth can cause iron deficiency in the body, and this will affect the density of curls. Most hair fall in young mothers: this is due to hormonal changes in the body - here with nature better than to argue. If you consult with your doctor and you use medicated shampoo, keep in mind: in the first 10-14 days of hair loss may increase, this is the norm. Do not stop to use the tool and start waiting for the results. 
7 In the fall and winter my hair was electrified. What to do? 
Most professional shampoos contain anti-static additive by default, although vials about it - not a word. Probably the reason is that in Europe and America simply does not have such cold winters and our problems. Do you want to make sure that the product will tame hair - look at the composition of dimethicone. If the effect is still you are not satisfied, the transition to a shampoo for fine hair - it is best to cope with static. 
8 shampoo and balm "2 in 1" - to save money or just a waste? 
Any versatile product - it's always a compromise. Shampoo and conditioner perform different tasks. Did you know that the hair is covered with tiny scales of the cuticle. To clean it, shampoo should be slightly open them, and balm, on the contrary, - to close and protect the top of a thin film. Do it at the same time, but still good, as you know, is problematic. That is why shampoos "2 in 1" and leave the impression that the head is not flushed. You can use such tools on holiday when you do not want to carry a separate makeup bag, or under time pressure. 
9 How to choose the right shampoo for dandruff? 
Most often, the cause of dandruff - a microscopic fungus, and to deal with it at once radical measures no reason: so you can kill along with beneficial microflora. If dandruff is similar to flour, you need the most sparing drugs, shampoos that contain extracts of grapefruit, tea tree, sea minerals (usually calcium, zinc, selenium, copper). Among the more powerful natural supplements - tar and ihtiola. They not only possess antifungal activity, but also normalize cell renewal process. In more serious cases, like when the dandruff flakes, choose shampoos with zinc pyrithione, clotrimazole, ketoconazole. Remember that many antiseborrheic funds should be used in cycles, do not ignore the instructions. But if you have not only dandruff, but the redness of the scalp - but rather to record to the doctor trichologist.

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