Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enjoy Yoga Benefits Today

The beauty of yoga is that the yoga benefits you can feel are apparent even after the first session. And it doesn't matter what level of flexibility you have, or if you are able to fully get into the postures you are trying to do.

Some of these benefits of yoga include:

  • relaxation of body and mind
  • which in turn revitalizes your nervous system
  • a feeling of peace and stability
  • a feeling of being 'taller'
  • holding good posture more easily and without effort
  • becoming acquainted with muscles you didn't know you had - which is the first step in toning them up
  • a feeling of being more energized - if not immediately, certainly the next day

Yoga benefits that come about after more longer term practice include:

  • enjoy yoga benefits todaygreater self-discipline
  • more self-control
  • increased self determination, which really flows through into other aspects of your life
  • greater ability to concentrate
  • vastly improved flexibility - if you couldn't touch your toes before, you certainly will be able to now!
  • a greater sense of well being in your body. This really helps get us through life's little and bigger obstacles, by providing a physical example of our strength and positivity
  • improved strength in our back and stomach - great if you have back problems
  • less stiffness in our joints
  • slowing down the effects of aging on our bodies
  • a clearer, more healthy looking and radiant face
  • improvements in blood circulation
  • improvements in our capacity to breathe fully, and direct the breath to parts of our body. This is especially good for helping release stiffness and physical pain
  • a more relaxed and stable mind
  • many people lose weight, and some of the twists are great for getting a tiny waist (or at least greater definition in your waist, depending on your body type)
  • more graceful movements
  • some types of yoga, particularly ashtunga yoga, are great for developing strength. This goes for both men and women.
  • other types of yoga, like hatha yoga, are better for the elderly, or those simply wishing to really relax and become more aware of their body. Whereas ashtunga yoga is very dynamic, and also suits people who like to move a lot, hatha yoga holds the postures for longer. This really lets you release areas of stiffness in a focused way. Its also a great yoga to start out on.
  • a greater awareness of your body

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