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Home Remedy for Dandruff

Shedding of the outer layer of the skin, after a period of time, is a common phenomenon. When it comes to scalp, the falling of dry, shiny scales is known as dandruff. Though a regular feature, dandruff can get very irritating if the skin gets infected. People affected with this problem would experience white flakes falling from their head all the time. Dandruff is a common problem and affects people of all ages. Though it is believed that dandruff only occurs on dry skin, one can encounter the problem with oily skin as well. Malfunctioning of the body is the primary cause for dandruff. Go through the following lines to know more about the causes and symptoms of dandruff.

Causes Of Dandruff

Impairment of general health
Development of a toxic condition
Poor nutrition
Deficiency of zinc
Low vitality due to infectious diseases
Emotional tension
Harsh shampoos
Exposure to cold
General exhaustion
Dry skin
Irritated, oily skin (seborrheic dermatitis)
Not shampooing often enough.
Sensitivity to hair care products
Infection by yeast-like fungus (malassezia)
Improper functioning of the body system

Symptoms Of Dandruff

White colored skin flakes falling all over the shoulders
Severe itching
Red blisters on the scalp

Dandruff is a condition wherein skin flakes come out of the scalp. These collect amidst the hair and sometimes settle on shoulders, face, eyebrows and clothes. There are basically two types of dandruff - dry dandruff and waxy dandruff. Dry dandruff causes itchiness. In this case the small flakes are loosely scattered in the hair as compared to the waxy dandruff which remains stuck to the scalp in patches. Dandruff is infectious in nature and can spread to others by using of common towels, combs, soaps and hairbrushes. The reasons for dandruff may be poor nutrition, deficiency of zinc, fungus or even high use of alkaline soaps and shampoos. Dandruff can be treated using natural remedies. In the following lines, we provide some home remedies for curing dandruff.

Home Remedy For Dandruff

The best way to cure dandruff naturally is to have a hot steam bath. First, massage your head with hot oil and then wrap a hot damp towel. Keep this for a few minutes after which wash your hair.
Take a small bowl of coconut oil and soak in it a few peels of lemon. Keep this for a span of 8-10 days. Strain the oil and apply this mixture on the hair.
Combine two tablespoons of vinegar and six tablespoons of hot water. Take a cotton ball and apply the above made combination with it on the scalp. Keep this overnight and wash off your hair next morning.
Take some beetroot juice and add a few drops of vinegar. Dab this on the scalp. Another combination would be to add a few drops of ginger juice in the beetroot juice.
Another effective method to treat dandruff would be to combine 2 tablespoons of fresh apple juice with 2 tablespoons of warm water. Dab this on the hair and keep it for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Do this for once or twice a week to cure dandruff.
Mix olive oil and almond oil in equal proportions. Leave it for about 5 minutes. Once a burning sensation is felt, wash the hair.
Immerse two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Grind them the next morning to form a paste. Keep it for half an hour before washing it with a ritha solution or shikakai.
Conditioning the hair using cider vinegar after shampooing also acts beneficial in removing dandruff.
Heat 300 grams of coconut oil with 3 grams of black pepper. Strain this decoction. Once cooled, apply this decoct on the hair and the scalp overnight.
Use a teaspoon of fresh lime juice as a conditioner. Apart from removing the dandruff, it also gives a glowing effect to the hair.
For a person who applies henna, mash beetroot leaves in it. Apply this mixture on the head to prevent dandruff and hair fall.
Washing the hair with green gram powder in curd twice a week would also cure a person from dandruff.
Add two tablespoons of water to two beaten eggs and mix it properly. Apply this combination to the moist hair and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water. this will be effective in treating dandruff.

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