Thursday, May 12, 2011

>Food Allergies

>* Milk *

Being allergic to cow’s milk isn’t the same as being
lactose intolerant.

* Eggs *

You can be allergic to either the whites of the yolk.
This type of food allergy is more prevalent in
children, but does affect some adults.

* Peanut *

Most people, adults and children with food allergies,
are allergic to peanuts too.

* Tree nut *

More children have nut allergies than adults. The
symptoms of nut and peanut allergies are the same, but
being allergic to one doesn’t necessarily mean you’re
allergic to the other.

* Seafood *

This is more common in, but not limited, to children.
The fish allergens can be passed through the air by
people eating or cooking fish near you.

* Shellfish *

Similar to seafood allergies. But having one doesn’t
mean being allergic to the other.

* Soy *

People allergic to soy need to be especially careful
when eating Asian foods or using Asian sauces.

* Wheat *

This is most commonly a food allergy, but can also be
a respiratory contact allergy.

In the United States these are referred to as "the big
eight". Over 90% of U.S. food allergies consist of
these foods.

Allergens differ in other countries, but these 8 make
the top 10 in many places through out the world.

Food allergies may be based on contact. In East Asia
where rice makes up a large part of the diet, rice
allergies are more common, as are celery allergies in
Central Europe.

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